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MRC is a technology development company that has developed and is now developing generator and motor products for specific R&D clients and licensee's. One of these particular developed generators is now in field testing.

Our patented technology is applicable in both motor applications and generative applications.


Magnetronics™ is MRC's specific patent protected permanent magnet motor technology. The remarkeable modular patented design, among other benefits, allows for:

Field Serviceable


Easy scalability

Serviceability without removal of the generator (an industry first)

No laminer core failure

No complex windings

Brushless/sparkless operation

DC and AC applications

Multiple simultaneous output voltages


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MRC Magnetronic™ Generator

Field Test Begins!

Site Application: Down Hole Pump Motor, 6k feet down
Ramp up Demand: 90+kW
Continuous Run Demand: 50-70kW

MRC is proud to announce the beginning of its' first field test. The field test is being conducted in collaboration with MRC Licensee SAS on an EOG well.

The Magnetronic generator can function in multiple power generation applications including and certainly not limited to oil and gas. This is the particular field of expertise of SAS.

MRC will be rolling out several other additional prototypes over the next few months. Below are a few pictures of the generator being prepared for field testing. Enjoy!